They’re Machines!

My chickens have been laying machines lately. We’ve given away 3 dozen eggs and still have 2 dozen in the fridge. We have 9 total hens and 7 of them are laying so we’re getting 6-7 eggs. A. Day. Seriously.

Mmmmmm Michael C. Hall is one hot piece of man. Seriously, he’s gorgeous. If a serial killer was going to hack me up into pieces, I would happily let him do it. Totally random.

My uterus is also behaving a little better than it has been in recent days. My junk has been staying happily in place as it should be which makes me really very very happy. As of now, next appointment is on the 13th which is in 9 days. A week from Tuesday. Sadly, I doubt we’ll get an ultrasound, however the appointment after that? 4 weeks later? Yeah that one. I’ll be 19 weeks and it will be time for the oh so wonderful fetal assessment. Ya know, the one where the check to make sure all is going as planned and that everything is growing and happy and healthy, including the happy bits that will tell me if I get to buy more sweet little boy stuff and break out all the tubs of Gregory’s old baby things or if I need to suck it up and learn to be girly so I can teach a sweet little girl to be girly.

Either way, I’ll be happy that God has blessed us with another wonderful little person to raise into a fantastic human being just like my sweet Gregory is becoming.

Happy sighs at the wonderful, polite person Gregory is. Such a silly silly boy with great manners. I love him!

Its all short tonite, but I’m off to watch Dexter and Homeland with my love since my boy is already snoozin it up like a champ.

Happy Sunday!

I’m in love with the boy.

My husband. He’s hardly a boy. I so do love him dearly, though.

Let my first say that I am perfectly fine. Perfectly healthy and fine. My doctor is riding the gravy train with me as a patient. True story. Mostly.

I’ve been having a few issues with my stupid uterus. I say stupid uterus because, well, it doesn’t want to act right. I’ve had this weird feeling in my junk off and on for the last week or so. Its like my junk wants to be friends with my pants instead of staying in there aggravating my bladder making me have to run to the bathroom every 48.327 seconds. Its enough to scare the shit outta a girl and make you start doing those giney squeezes all the pregnancy websites rave so much about and poll the audience and ask no less than 8 lovely ladies who are either pregnant or recently pregnant with second childrens about the condition and position of their uterei. Is that even a word? I don’t know, but I’m using it and I’m not even going to google it or run spell check because I’m a rebel.

To make a long story short, I’m still a rockstar pregnant lady, but if I do too much, all my muscles get tired and my uterus starts to sink down into my pelvic cavity and pushes down on my bladder and I need to sit down more often. Simple as that.

So with that said, my sweet husband is freaked the hell out that I’m going to over do it and that just can’t happen. I love that man. He yelled at me so many times Monday nite and made me sit my tail down and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Gregory and he cleaned the whole kitchen. I mean washed the dishes, scrubbed the glass top stove, swept and mopped the floor…the whole stinkin 9 yards. It was unbelievable. He even refilled my water bottle while I was in the bathroom.

Last nite, he changed out the laundry for me that I snuck into the washer while he was gone on a call.

Today, he did the same thing twice. And gave Gregory a bath.

He’s really taking this whole sit your butt down thing seriously. It makes me all happy that he cares and is genuinely worried about me and the baby. And to remind everyone, and you too, mama because I know you’re reading this, I am fine. Baby is perfect and healthy and has a heart rate of 160. And I didn’t say anything about it before we went to the doctor Tuesday or even on Tuesday because I didn’t want to cause unnecessary worry because I am a rockstar and we’re all doing great. I just need to be reminded to sit down every now and then.

Also, I got 5 eggs from my chickens this morning. That means I have more than 3 dozen eggs in my fridge.

Eggs, anyone?

Happy Wednesday!

I Lost My Mind. But Christina Did Too.

I went Black Friday shopping. Crazy, right? Normally I do all my Christmas shopping online and let the UPS and FedEx guys bring it to me because seriously who really wants to fight with all those insane holiday crazy people?

I decided to go Black Friday shopping when I saw a memory foam for my king size bed for $30. Thirty freaking dollars! Hello, $90 savings! I saw it, I needed it, I decided I was going to fight crazy people for it. And when I told Christina, she was all, “Hell yeah, dude, I’m in! I got your back!”

She’s a great friend.

So we went to Walmart a ridiculous 2 hours before the sale started. What was I thinking?! We start circling the store, eyeing all the shiny new and reasonably priced things we need. Probably not *need* but more like crap we think we won’t ever be able to leave the store until we have this crap in our possession.

10pm and the game is on. People start screaming and tearing into the packaging that contains all the glorious sale items. Holy. Shit. I really don’t know what I was thinking.

We make our way down the aisle picking up the random things we think we can’t live without. People are fighting everywhere. Like actual fights. Fist fights! I was amazed! I’ve never actually seen a real fight before. It was that hardcore.

After about an hour of circling the store and piling out buggies high with boxes and cool stuff to wrap up for our kiddies, we’re ready to throw in the towel and head to the house.

Surprisingly, they had every single register open. Unheard of! I was thankful for that because this pregnant lady was one tired mama and I was hungry and wanted sleep. Check out took all of like 5 minutes. What in the world are they trying to do to me!

But my husband did get me a sweet new cookware set for Christmas. He doesn’t know it yet. I guess he will be as surprised as me! Thank you, babe!

Happy Sunday!

I Don’t Even Know Who I Am Anymore

It isn’t even 7:30 yet. Gregory has been asleep and in bed for the last hour and I am *dying* to go to bed! When is my energy going to come back?! I mean GEEEEEEEZ! To be honest, I don’t even feel like writing tonight but I feel like I should since I haven’t in a while and I’m still trying to be a good little blogger and write semi regularly. Whatever, man. So with that, I will give you a list.’

1.  My chickens laid 2 eggs this morning. We’re up to 3 hens for sure that are laying…that means that 6 still aren’t earning their keep. I like them though so I’ll let them hang around.

2.  I’ve been waiting around the house for the bug guy to come because we live in the middle of nowhere and have a huge field behind the house and I do not want to share my house with field mice at all and since its getting colder, I’m afraid mice will make their trek across the back yard and come into my house which will piss me off beyond belief and the door to get under the house where Ryan the Bug Guy puts rat poison to keep me from going bat shit crazy if I see mouse poop and go to the store to buy insane amounts of mouse traps is downstairs in the closet and he can’t come inside unless we’re at home. If you’re still with me after that huge runon sentence, I went to the bank and missed him by like 6 minutes. How bad does that suck. He did all his spraying and mess outside but nothing inside and nothing in the garage where all the spiders like to hang out.

3.  I didn’t take a breath during the entire run on thought that turned into the sentence above.

4.  Its 7:32 and I want to go to bed.

5.  I don’t want to think of anymore things to list as they will all be household chores that I still plan on neglecting as I am tired and going to pour my tail into bed and sleep until I absolutely have to get up. Or I have to pee. Whichever comes first.

Goodnite yall and happy Wednesday!

Pinterest Is My Crack

I am totally addicted. Its the most amazing thing ever for new ideas and inspiration from anything from food to crafts to home improvement to pets to anything at all. Its basically an online bulletin board to “pin” ideas and pictures. While I will say I have lots of boards that are food and drink centered, I have crafts and stuff for my kids.

Like this one for a sweet tree house from StudioBlog.

How cool is that?! No walls, just the floor the roof. Fairly easy and far cheaper than building all the walls and figuring out doors and windows and such. And we have this pretty sweet little spot where the previous owners of our new house started a tree house for their kids. Its already leveled and has the posts in the ground and the base started. All we would have to do is get the 4 corner “wall” posts up and a roof and floor. I know that sounds like a lot when that’s all we’re really going to put on there but still. Its already started so it should be easier to talk Ben into finishing it, right?

Maybe. We’ll see. That’s what he said so I reckon we’ll see.

And if you’re interested in a new addiction to Pinterest, let me know and I’ll send you an invite! I’m generous like that 🙂

Happy Saturday!


We’ve Got A Layer

My chicken house has been a very loud place recently. So loud that my hens woke me up yesterday morning. At 6:30. In the morning. Why would anybody even do that.


They have been filling the air with clucks and other loud sounds that warn me that I have been too much of a slacker when it comes to building nesting boxes for my girls. They are all getting ready to start laying eggs.

In fact, Meredith, one of my Easter Egger hens, has already laid two! Two tiny bluegreen eggs in all their perfection. To say I’m a proud mama hen would be an understatement.

The one on the left is her first and the slightly larger one on the right is the new one!

So today, Gregory and I are off to buy a couple nesting boxes to get the girls by until we can talk Daddy into cutting the materials for me to make my own and something to weather proof their barn stall so they stay warmer tonight when the temperature drops.

Happy Thursday!

Not to Toot My Own Horn..toot toot

Second post of the day. I’m on a roll I guess.

After all my whining earlier about having housework to do but being so tired blah blah blah, I put on my big girl pants and got to work.

…now I sit. I am tired. But my house is clean and smells good and the carpet is so super soft and fluffy after a good cleaning with the rug doctor and the bathroom is immaculate and my laundry room isn’t as scary and the kitchen is ready for dinner to be cooked….if I can drag my butt off the couch. But that is later so we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

And also, my sweet sweet husband who makes me crazy more often than not brought me a blueberry muffin. He remembered me saying I wanted some last night but we didn’t have any muffin mix to make them or any blueberries to make them from scratch. He makes me happy. When he’s not driving me straight to the nut house.

Happy still Monday and I hope your day has been super productive too. If not, just claim some of mine.